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18 years strong...Serving Central Minnesota since 2005.
herzberg lawn care


We maintain your grass at the proper height. Drought can take its toll on turf during the heat of July.  We take measures to help minimize the damage that can stress your lawn...and you.
herzberg lawn


We realize that you want a lush, green lawn.  We also understand that you want to reduce the environmental impact of the chemicals.  Our program strikes a nice balance.

herzberg lawn


A well thought out landscape plan can add thousands to your property value.  You will appreciate the end result when a professional does the design & install.  Your home is your largest asset, let the professionals take care of this one.
herzberg lawn


Pruning & Trimming shrubs can be an overwhelming task for most homeowners.  It always looks easy when Herzberg Lawn Care is operating the hedge trimmer.  There's a lot of art and skill that goes into this process. 
herzberg lawn care


Its the type of work that most people dread.  Picking up branches, twigs, leaves - the list goes on.  While you spend hours raking, we spend only a fraction of the time since we have the right equipment.  We take on yards of all sizes...big or small.
herzberg lawn


Dethatching a lawn helps ensure that air and nutrients are able to reach the roots.  Its all about continuous maintenance.  If your lawn looks beaten down from the winter snow or there's white patches.  This is how you get the grass back on its path. 

Commercial & Residential Snow Removal

We normally use a combination of snowblowers / plows on residential & commercial properties.  

We also provide roof-top snow removal for residential and commercial applications.

Small town service, big time resources.

We maintain some of the most exclusive properties around Paynesville and scenic Lake Koronis.
herzberg lawn

Our clients include:

  • fast food restaurants
  • health care organizations
  • homeowners
  • apartment complexes    
  • churches & community organizations
  • realtors
  • communications companies
  • convenience stores / gas stations 
  • housing associations 

The customer list is ever expanding.

  And its all based on one common thread...honest, quality workmanship that customers expect from Herzberg Lawn Care. Your friend in the lawn care business.


Dependable service. Week after week.  So you can relax. 

It's the Herzberg Lawn Care Difference.  Satisfaction 100% guaranteed or your money back.
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